He became our Righteous Sacrifice

Mark 8:31 - And he began to teach them, that the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.

Son of man is one of the terms Jesus used for Himself. Was He Son of man when He was born of the Holy Spirit?

When Jesus was conceived in Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit she was still a Virgin and engaged to Joseph. According to the Bible commencement of marriage is when the couple come together in physical relationship thus becoming one. So Mary was virgin not only physically but also by relationship when Jesus was conceived in her womb. But we see Joseph referred to as his official father in the genealogy by Matthew. This is because in Jewish tradition the engagement is a solemn commitment and marriage just fulfilling of the formalities. Breaking an engagement would be like giving a divorce and was the reason why Joseph was worried when he came to know that Mary was with a child before their coming together (it is interesting to see the Jewish marriage ceremony somewhat enacts the second coming of Jesus Christ and His marriage to / becoming one with His Church).

Lord Jesus Christ is God the Son and this term is used for Him because He was not created and was / is / will be (Aroist tense) existing in God the Father as a part of Him. The Father declared Him as an individual. Being part of God, He is God and identical to the Father. That also does not mean His powers are limited for part of infinity is also infinity, yet He is not greater than the Father, therefore also refers to Him as His God (Divine one). This relationship was revealed by Jesus Himself to John in His autobiography the Gospel of John; John 1:18.

Jesus was also referred to as Son of God. This term is mostly confused with God the Son. God the Son is unique and there is none other than Lord Jesus Christ. Son of God are many and this term is used for any being which has the image of God in them irrespective of spirit being like an Angel of even a human. When Adam was created he was without sin and had the image of God in him so was called son of God. When sin came into him he lost the image as also the title. According to the Law of God sin is transferred from father to son. The woman's sins (curses) too get transferred to the child via the father because when they come together they spiritual become one. Jesus was born in the womb of Mary but by the power of the Holy Spirit therefore being born in a women yet He was without sin and was the reason why the eternal sacrifice needed to be born from a virgin. Jesus as man had the image of God in Him and so was also referred to as Son of God.

Also note Melchizedek who was man and not born of human father and mother yet was not called son of God only because he was not having the image of God in him like Jesus did therefore he was not called son of God.

The Angels of God are called Sons of God but that does not mean they are perfect for had they been perfect we would not have had Lucifer, the Beast and their team (1/3 of the Angels) fallen. The fallen Angels before coming into women before the Noah flood were still called sons of God and when they broke the Law of God they lost their sonship and their powers were taken away along with their title and referred to as devils.

In spirit an Angel and man are identical only difference is the image of God not being in us and we being trapped in the flesh. Adam and Eve before sin came into them, although made in the flesh were never restricted by it and this power was shown by Jesus when He transfigured. This restriction came because man lost 3 Fruit(s) of the Holy Spirit - Truth, Righteousness and Holiness (All Goodness).

Since being far from God, Righteousness and Holiness cannot be earned like the other 9 Fruit(s), God made it possible by His Spirit of Truth for man to gain back the Fruit of Truth.

In the beginning when sin came into man, man became God's enemy for God hates sin. To prevent the wrath of God from destroying man a blood sacrifice was made by God Himself. But since the sacrifice was not perfect it was temporary. Since blood symbolizes righteousness a blood sacrifice acts like a covering to protect from the wrath of God.

Man in spirit may have lost image of God but even in the flesh (body) the image existed in perfection. That does not mean God looks as man but in the understanding of man biology one can understand the nature of God. This requires us to get into the organs, their function, and their position, even unto the structure of the cell and DNA.

Sickness comes when there is disturbance in the perfect structure of man. This is reason Adam (meaning reddish) was called so because he was full of life and soon after 2 generations we find in Enos sin started manifesting in the flesh for the name literally means 'pale'. Thus fear came into man and they started worshipping God.

Man in spirit is made to live thousands of years but as the flesh deteriorated and sin grew the average age of man was set to 120years. When sin came into man God cursed man that not only his body but even his spirit would perish so he spirit and soul was cursed to the prison called Hell where the sins in him burn.

Jesus as man was 100percent man and felt pain and suffering like any other man. But He not having the curse of man and being without sin was free of all sicknesses and therefore a perfect sacrifice. The power of the Spirit of God was in keeping Him perfect. By taking all our sins on Him He was sent to Hell buts since He had no sin in Him we was set free and thus broken the curse of soul and spirit perishing to dust for all who believe in Him.

He was / is God the Son Who becoming Son of God came as Son of man to be a perfect sacrifice so to allow the Spirit of Truth to work in man and grow the Fruit of Truth. Once we have the Truth in us we will be given the Fruit(s) of Righteous and Holiness as a gift by the Son after being judged, thus become again Sons of God and enter Heaven.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, You are an Awesome God. Your love and mercy saves us and brings us back to You. Even though man rebelled against You by sinning yet You did not destroy him but gave your only Son as a perfect sacrifice. Your Spirit works in is and leads us to the Truth. Lord, we thank You for your mercies and your love. We look forward for the day when we will be reconciled to You and be glorified in the glorious Body of the Son...

We declare this in Jesus' Name, Amen.

[ Reference Scripturesr ]
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17 For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.
18 No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

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