Cherethities the Lord is against you

Zephaniah 2:5a - Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! the word of the LORD is against you;

About 3 years back (10th of Feb 2010) I was given a message about what was going to happen in the Middle East and who is going to be behind the fall of events in the Middle East. Then again after a year (6th Feb 2012) there was a very clear message of the devastation that is going to engulf the Arab nations, to what the extent it would spread and for how long this would continue.

When it started in Tunisia (just because a women officer slapped a man and he immolated himself) in December of 2010 people never thought it would spread. In February when it spread to Egypt then people started to realize this was country specific but was going to affect the region in whole.

When I sent the message I had people mocking me or arguing with me as to my misinterpretation or misunderstanding of scriptures. Then just a week later was born the term Arab Spring. People thought this would change the Arab nations and make them democratic / westernized. Many were anxious to see good happen there, but they did not know they were witnessing the birth of a monster that would cause untold destruction and death. As of end of 2012 the numbers of accounted deaths crossed hundred thousand and destruction spread over 18 countries putting them either in civil war, overthrown governments, caused major protests and disorder.

People are thinking this will stop with implementation of Islamic law (Sharia) in its true form like it was done by the Taliban in Afghanistan, implemented in all these and other countries which will soon fall into this swamp.

The Lord is telling us this is not just a normal swamp but a sinking swamp and it will only end with the inhalation of Islam. The more the struggle will cause faster sinking of this religion. This will not be restricted to Arab countries but will affect all countries will large Muslim citizens.

In the last message we were told the sects of Islam will start to get to each other and the reason is, according to the Quran there is no one worse in the whole world than a heretic Muslim. Even an infidel can be forgiven (by paying a price) but a heretic has to be put to death immediately, there is no forgiveness for him.

Islam has about 73 sects with the Sunni and Shias being the major sects (according to them only one will enter Paradise). What we know of Islam is mostly the Sunni belief. The Shia mainly differs due to the Twelvers. They like the Catholics elevate Mary to the highest position. They have Muhammad and Mary (Fatima) on the top and then the twelve Imams, who they believe will appear just before Qiyamah (Judgement Day). There is also the growing Sufi group who can be compared to Charismatic Catholics. The Sufi believes in striving to experience God but without knowledge and study of scriptures. They focus more on poems, songs, music etc. (while Muhammad hated all these as per to the Quran).

According to the Quran a true Muslim is the one who loves Allah and follows Muhammad. The follow means literately do what Muhammad did that is why they have the 5 pillars of Islam which are all the rituals Muhammad did. This 'follow' includes the 'holy wars' Muhammad fought and the mass murders he did. Leaving aside the sects all Muslims can be divided into 2 lots, either a Jihadi Muslim or a confused Muslim who is ignorant of his belief.

God is telling us in today's message He is against this nation of Cherethites (meaning 'executioners'). He is telling us He will cause a total inhalation of this nation with none being found. That does not means western countries will fight against the Islamic countries but means the Muslims will fight with each other and will kill each other. This may start immediately or after some months, but surely within a year for the Arab spring is here for another 2 years.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, You are merciful but also slow to anger. That means even though You forgive when people repent, yet You do get angry when people go against You. You hold back your anger and do not let your wrath destroy people, but when the limits You set are crossed we have seen in history You have caused great calamities to come on mankind. Lord we pray for your people, especially those weak in heart, that they be strengthened and do not lose faith, but hold on to You and your Word till this dark cloud passes over us...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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Killing the Khawarjites and Mulhideen (Islamic books)

Sahih ul Bukhari, Volume No. 16, Page No. 168-9 - This Hadith has “SAHIH” chain. It is also proven from the Sahih Marfu hadith of Imam Muslim which he narrated from Abu Dhar in charectersitcis of Khawarij, the hadith states: They are a creation of worst kind, and Imam Ahmed has also narrated a similar hadith from Anas bin Malik with a strong chain. Imam Bazzar has narrated the hadith from Aisha who narrates from Prophet that he said: They will be the worst of my ummah and they will be killed by the best of my ummah.

References of Islam's hate for musicians / music:-

2Sourate sura 26, 224: "And as for the poets, it is misguided who follow them."

According to a Hadith of Sahih al Bukhari: "Abu Malik Al Achaari reported that the Prophet Muhammad said: There will be people from my community who consider wine, pork, silk (for men) and musical instruments as lawful. "

According to Abu Ishaq: "Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet Muhammad said: Listen to musical instruments is a sin. Up together to do it is a more grievous sin. having fun Y is a lack of appreciation for the blessings of God. "

According to Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Ibne Maja and: "Nafi 'said Abdullah Ibne Umar heard that during a trip the flute of a shepherd. He then put his fingers in his ears and his horse aside from the road saying, "Nafi '! Nafi '! You hear yet? I replied: Yes. He continued to advance until I answer him: No. He then raised his hands and brought his horse to the road and said: I was in the presence of the Prophet Muhammad when he heard the flute of a shepherd. He then exactly the same thing I just did. "

According to Ahmad and Abu Dawood: "Abdullah Ibne Umar reported that the Prophet Muhammad said: Verily, Allah has prohibited wine, gambling, drum and lute. "

According to a Hadith Ahmed: "The Prophet Muhammad said: Allah has sent me as a mercy to the worlds and guided. And He has commanded me to do away with the different musical instruments, as well as the idols were worshiped in ignorance. "

According to Abu Dawud and Bayhaqi: "Ibne Mas'ood reported: Music grows hypocrisy in the heart. " According to Abu Ishaq An naisabouri: "the Prophet Muhammad Anas reported: He who sits down to listen to a singer will have molten lead poured into his ears the Final Day."

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