Men of this world are like fishes of the sea

Habakkuk 1:14 - and makest men as the fishes of the sea, as the creeping things, no ruler over them?

There is a misconception among people that evil people have leaders. Even if they seem to be organized evil people are not led by any person. The only thing that leads evil people is the evil in their hearts.

In today's message the Lord brings this fact out for us know. In the Strong lexicon there are 2 words translated as Adam <0120> and <0121> that are translated as 'man' and other as 'red' respectively. One <0120> was a curse on mankind Genesis 5: that all his children would have his evil nature, the day the evil man was created by sin. The second Adam <0121> was the name given to the first human who was made full of life (immortal); note even though he was in the presence of the Tree of Life he did not have the need to eat of it.

If we look at the fish in the sea although most of them seem to live in groups yet they live without a leader or ruler. It is an irony that a group of sharks the most deadly killers of the sea are called school yet one finds nothing like a school about them. The only thing that leads them is their instincts, their senses.

Western countries have been long battling against certain evil people who promote jihads. They spend millions of dollars sending drones to kill the leaders but they are mistaken these people actually have no human leader. The leaders are just figure heads and by knocking them down there is no victory but temporary delays. The only way to fight them is to fight their true leader that is evil and the only thing that has victory against evil is Truth. Love does not destroy evil but true love delivers the Truth which destroys evil. Jesus loved us but He did not come and just die for us, but He gave His Word to us and it is His Word that gets rooted in us due to the great manifestation of His love.

The western world have not got this correct therefore even though they fight the jihadies they also give aid to their countries trying to show humanity and love, but since they are hiding/keeping them from the real Truth this battle will never end. In fact turn to the worse. There are so many evidences which prove Islam as a false religion but these are kept hidden from the people just to please some country heads.

We may not be concern with the politics of the world but we are surely in charge of the happenings in our lives. As born again we are not Adam <0120> but are now rooted in the Branch Jesus Christ the new / later Adam <0121>. We are not under the curse of Adam <0120> and is proven only when we have a ruler over us. Our worldly ruler is Jesus Christ and our ultimate spiritual ruler is His Word. For Jesus Himself who is King surrendered unto the Father's Word. We follow Him by His ways and His testimony but our spirit follows His Word for He gave us His Father's Word.

Let us not be surrendered to the ways of this world nor to any person who is not in Christ even if they claim to be one by the way of their dress code or profession or election by people, but only when if we see Christ in them and see the glory of Christ in them. Paul told people to follow him not because he was Paul or he headed many churches and a large congregation but said only because he followed Christ and Christ was manifested in him, his words and his works.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, the people of this world are vanity and You call them grass. Grass does not have branches but have their own stems. When the time comes You will cuts all that is grass and put them into the fire to be destroyed forever. Lord You did not created your children to be grass but to be part of a fruitful tree. Jacob was blessed with 12 princes and so also was Ishmael. But the fruits of Jacob were good but not the fruits of Ishmael. Help us Lord to always be rooted to the Branch Jesus Christ and be led by His Spirit and His Word...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

[ Reference Scriptures ]
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