I look forward to testimonies of change of heart not just healings, for that is the greatest miracle.


Brother, I would like to thank you for your wonderful emails, there are times (many times) I receive just what I need to boost me up or rather I will say to increase my faith in my Lord. And I know it is the Lords work, through his servant - YOU. Thanks again. I humbly request you to kindly keep my in your prayers .....

Your sister in Christ,


Dubai - U.A.E.

Dear Brother! I am glad you bounced back from feeling "down" and pray thru Jesus generous grace and favor that the Joy of the Lord rest on you....I certainly know how you feel...it happens to me too...

I am one of many that the you have touched with the Word of God. From the first anointed message I received from you in the Yahoo Group, the Lord started to accelerate His work in my life...I believe the message I read was about "sanctification". I didn't even know it at the time, but as I kept reading your daily offerings to us in service to the Lord, I can only say my faith has been boosted and miracles have happened. Things I had asked for and actually had forgotten about! But He didn't forget. I was able to quit smoking cigarettes. 2+ packs a day. Then I noticed I didn't need to use my asthma inhaler anymore! Healed of asthma I've had for 30 years...even when I quit smoking years ago I still had asthma , soo this is a real miracle to me and I Praise God for His healing touch and tender mercies. The next break through is the permanent financial blessing He promised me in 1993 and the deliverance form all debts...I "look to the hills from whence comes my help" now everyday... I say this through my tears.

What you spoke today about your Islamic friend touched my heart. One of my favorite scriptures is that one about casting down imaginations. I use it ALL the time! ha ha! I thought of you when I read the following that was sent out to several believers today...I heard in my spirit to send it to you also, to boost your joy and hope...and to let you know how you are appreciated, loved by the brethren, and considered to be a true blessing. You may not even think you are appreciated, but you are.

God loves you,
Shirley Delong

Ref: [Saved by Faith] Casting down imaginations

Dear Brother,

Praise be to lord our God.

Thank you for the Word of God I receive through his chosen sheperd that is you. Words that God reaches out to me through you, inspires my whole life. I thank you and pray for you that God may shower his blessings on you and your family, so that your work reaches out to the ends of the world. Do keep sending the messages by email.

Valentine Souto

Dubai - U.A.E.


Am so glad that i met and learnt about this beautifull page.It has been so pivotal in my understanding the word and will of God upon me.
May the Lord bless and bring more beautiful ideas that wil bless many.

Another message from the same brother which I like to share

hi guys who enjoy these prescious site, i hope the Lord has put the wonderfull minds in our midst so that we celebrate life together. So am sending much much love and thanks to all savedbyfaith members that we from uganda read through this page and are very excited that we are a family with you out there. May GOD BLESS ALL.

Welborn Akena
Kampala, Uganda

Hi! I just wanted to tell you how much your messages are blessing me. I hope there is someway I could share with you all the Lord has done for me since I started receiving them. With the very first one I quit smoking. Praise the Lord! The Holy Spirit speaks to my heart with each message. If I did not say thank you and give you this testimony for your encouragement I would be remiss.

There is a lot the Lord has been sharing with me over the last months. Today I read this in your message: "Our God is given you a promise if you believe you will receive..."

I want you to know that to His great Promises to me I say I BELIEVE Him, and I RECEIVE. Thank you for encouraging me when I need it most. Wish I could work with you! It sounds like you are blessed and I praise God you are : ) The Lord has something for me and I am to wait , for He will bring to to pass. I am to receive a "message" and it is to come soon. I am in great need of God's help and soon, and I believe He will do everything He said He would.
God Bless you and thank you for all you are doing! PLEASE feel free to contact me back - I would love to talk with you.


Dear Brother in Christ,

I would like to share today's event with you. Today, when I was coming to Office

Very tried and tensed as I came yesterday at 8 p.m. from the office.

I was thinking why I should do such hard work without getting anything in return (as my son for whom I am working hard is not studying properly.)

Immediately Lord said to me I am with you. Do not worry. I am taking care of all your problems.

And really these words, gave me peace. I am relieved from my tension.

Glory to the Lord.

In Jesus Name

Leena Parmar

RE: [Saved by Faith] Bringing every thought into captivity

Dear brother,

Thank you for the beautiful word of God we receive daily. The word of God you send us each day really strengthen my life for at times I don't have patience but the way you write allows me to trust in the Lord and only in the Lord. Thank you brother for the beautiful work you are doing.

Thank you again for the daily messages we receive. Keep sending us.

God bless you.


Francisca Soares
Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates

Re: [SavedbyFaith_info] To really worship the Lord you need to be holy

Praise the Lord!!

It is really a good news for me to know that even you are not from a well known Christian country, you could still practice your faith.

May our Lord God, bless you & your love ones.

Jimmy Millan

Re: [SavedbyFaith_info] To really worship the Lord you need to be holy

Praise be to God,

Thank you for your inspiring scriptures for I have really seen God, For sure this is my message today morning I received an answers for something I really trusted God for in the beginning of the year. This is a sign that God will do wonders in my life if I trust fully in Him and be patient.

May God bless you and continue using as an instrument to remind people of God that He is caring and seeing all they are going through.

God bless you.

Betty Mwichuri

Ref. mail January 8, 2009 : Be patient, you shall surely receive

I would like to share my testimony with you.

As I have shared with you in my previous emails that I have been blessed with this job after three months and this is the first job in 18years of my career life that I have been so satisfied with my work and my bosses have been impressed with my work.

Last two-three days I have been facing a problem and my boss has been scolding me which I was very humiliating and just yesterday I read your scripture quotation on prayer. Why do we need to pray and how we need to pray. I felt yesterday that the Lord was trying to tell me something that I need to just trust in him fully even when things are going wrong.

Today The Lord spoke to me very strongly on not to worry

Your scripture sharing of today "Be patient, you shall surely receive".
On my desk there is a small calendar which has one thought every day . Today's thought was "Always put worry in its proper place – Out of your life."
I listen to Joyce Meyer every day – Her sharing for today was "Freedom from worry and anxiety"

I knew for sure God's in control of my life and He was telling me very strongly not to worry and be patient. The Lord is close to all those who call on Him.

I now know that "God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all that we can dare to hope , ask or think according to his power".

Praise God ! Brother. May God continue to use you as an instrument of blessing to others. You will be blessed for leading so many people to God and explaining to us the Power of God's love.


Sandra Fernandes

Please continue the good work you are doing. You have changed my life in more ways than you will ever know. I thank you for bringing me closer to Him and helping me to understand the bible and Jesus.

Heather Nayar


Thank you for this scripture. Earlier tonight I mentioned to a friend that I was going to have to do something about my inability to sleep for no more than a few hours each night and for some reason I got back on line tonight and you sent this out. May GOD bless you.


Ref. mail Dated 1/6/2009 : Sleep problems! - It takes a lot of courage to sleep









I was deeply troubled when I heard that your site has been black listed but then a voice within me said to me that when you have decided to serve the Lord there would be oppositions when the Lord when thru it so also we would go thru it who are called in Christ Jesus to serve him.

I do not know what is your name but I can surely say that God has shown you a sign that your ministry is successful that is the reason you are facing such opposition. Rejoice for your God will deliver you out of all these persecution you are going thru. Praise and thank him for the evil will not be able to withstand when you start sending out your praises and rejoice for ever for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. Remember the spirit in you is mightier and powerful than the spirit that is in the world. Do not worry the persecution against you shall not remain for long and I am very sure about it. Only believe in our God to deliver you. Read the scripture you sent me on Oct 24th With God everything is possible. So Rejoice and give praise to our God : this is the message I am being prompted to share with you. You are in my prayers. God bless you for the wonderful work you are carrying out.

With love and prayers.

Sandra Fernandes

Thank you for your persistence, I pray God’s continued best for you in this and other parts of your ministry.


George Hansford


I receive the below mail every day and start my day after reading PRAYER STARTER. This gives me lot of pleasure and satisfaction.

But from last four days I am not receiving these mails.

Is there any problem in mailing system?

I request you to please continue sending me a mail everyday.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Rajesh D'souza

Dear Brethren in Jesus Christ

I receive your daily messages everyday, and before I start my office work, read and meditate on the message daily. However from the last three days 23/08/08, 24/08/08 & today I have not received your message. Please send them daily as I anxiously wait to read them .

Your brother in Christ Jesus

Allan Mathias

Sultanate of Oman

Dear Brother in Jesus Christ !

Thank you so much for your mails once again. The days that I was not receiving your mails, I was feeling that I am missing something so great and precious in the Word of God . Your messages give me strength and is like spiritual food nourishing me daily.

We pray thay you reach out to the ends of the world, and also pray that God Blesses you imensely.

Yours in Christ Jesus

Allan Mathias

Sultanate of Oman

thanks for the wonderful words of GOD that you people always supply to me, i mean you have changed a lot of life including mine......

from br FRANK

Ref. mail Dated August 8, 2008 : Trusting the Completely Trustworthy God

Dear Saved by Faith Founder,

     Thank you so much for the very wonderful message.

     May you have good health and may God bless you more!

     May the Lord grant you all your wishes may you have a long life.

lanie puti-an


Ref. mail Dated August 5, 2008 : Be contented

Thanks for the encouragement. I really needed this today.


United States

Ref. mail Dated 7/10/2008 : He will make my feet like deer's feet

Dear Brother in Christ

Thank you so much for your faithful prayer-filled messages that make my day everyday. I feel like I m missing a beautiful new blessing if I do not read the daily devotionals. I have already added my sister and few friends to your mailing list as I want them to be touched by the grace of our Lord and I want to thank you for the way in which you are reaching our lives. I pray for you and your family to be blessed by our Good and Precious Lord and Saviour abundantly. My life has changed for the better 360 degrees after I was added to your mailing list by a colleague and after that things have been so different. Not only life changing, I am pregnant- 5 & half months after 3 years of marriage. Family is very happy for me. Also praying my husband turns his heart to Jesus.

Thanks and Blessings,


Abu Dhabi

It is truly good to receive your emails (saved by faith) which strengthens to go on in life. I am more surprise and feels good to see the emails really touching the heart specially when going through the difficult times.

Please keep sending the messages since God is the only HOPE in my life.


Frans Soares

Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates

Thanks for lifting us up single day. I start my day by reading this.
It answers all my questions and queries, sometimes i feel its Lord who is speaking to me.

May God bless you all ..and thanks for keeping us in prayers..

Thank you and congrats once again...may you have many more

Babitha Raj


My dear brethren,

To God the glory for the great things He has done in and through you.
Indeed his Word is true, never despise little beginnings. God who has
began this great work in you is faithful and just to complete it. I
encourage you to keep the fire of God burning because it is impacting
countless lives. Thanks for giving yourselves to be used by the Master.
May He continue to renew your strength and put a new word in you always! I
appreciate you all and I thank God for you bold servants of Christ.

Shalom! and congratulations!


Rose Martin-King


thanks for the wonderful thoughts and Prayers you sent to me.and also thank you for sending me true messages from God.Hope you will not be bored for sending me

thank you
Loreto Dometita


Subject: Do not build bridges over the Red Sea.

Dear Brother in Christ,

I love reading your e-encouragement. There is so much to dwell on in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
People often get confused between Capital 'T' Tradition (which is Divine Tradition), and small 't' tradition which is man made. In 2 Thess 2:15 spoke of the former. Its the latter which causes much pain and confusion among believers, and those who watch the believers. Taken in the sense and truth St Paul meant it to be, it brings order to a chaotic body of Christ (which currently has more than 33,000 registered Christian denominations!! How splintered are we!!)
God bless your sincere efforts, and may His Wondrous Love continue to enfold you and all who work with you in your ministry.
Together with you in bringing God's Love to His people,

Your sister-in-Christ Jesus



Subject: Too big for our shoes!

Dear Friend:

Thank you for sending me these beautiful messages. It is my honor to receive them as they bolster my spirit and increase my love for God. In all humility.


Subject: Give All the GLORY to GOD

Dear Brother,

The messages from Saved by Faith is really helping me.
The todays messages has really touched my heart and infact you said the thoughts of me. God really has worked wonders in my life. I was the person I was really nobody according to world's standards. But God choose me to have his miracles so that the world may proclaim his miraculous work and Glory.

Thanks and Glory to the Lord.

God Bless
Neelima Dsilva

Mumbai - India

Subject: Meditate on it Day and Night to be Prosperous and Successful

Dearly beloved in Jesus,

Thank you very much for sending the regular meditations. Meditate on it day and night, message brought me back to remember that I have to meditate on the Word of God day and night. Some times we are giving more time to job works and very less time to the meditation on Word of God. Without this ministry of soul winning and church planting is becoming none effective.

Once again thank you for sending me the emails continuously

May God bless you.
Yours sincerely,

Rev Dr T. Devadas M. Th.,

Subject: Lets it Not Be a Once A Year Thing!

To the writer of this site

My name is George Hansford, living in ..... Victoria, Australia. I was introduced to your site by Francis & Sarah D'Souza whose friendship I enjoy, and who attend the same fellowship that I do.

I write to thank you for your faithfulness in presenting a very balanced view of a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ (the Redeemer). I appreciate very much the heart of God that lives within you, and pray that your faithfulness and your dedication to the presentation of the Gospel of love, peace and the grace & mercy of our Father will not only find its reward in heaven, but become a profound blessing to you in your daily life.

I pray that you and your family are reapers of the blessings of God, and that you should know that ..."He is a rewarder of him who diligently seeks Him"...(Heb. 11:6)

I will continue to read your well presented encouragements and teaching of faith as found in the scriptures as you continue to build the Kingdom of God on earth through this vehicle of truth.


George & Irene Hansford

Fellow labourers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Subject: Synchronize to God's time TODAY.

Thank you very much for your inspiring mails.
Its still a surprise to know how you got my email add... but it does not matter. [Smile]

I enjoy reading your msgs which are so apt for the day, even though brief.
How much we need to keep this msg of 'God's timing, firmly in our minds'.
His timing is perfect indeed nothing too early, never too late.

This msg is quite meaningful to me today...as I write to you from Dxb.


Its hard to humanly accept that there is a time for this that is perfect... but we believe deep down there is !!

Thank you very much for every msg... they are very touching and inspiring.

God bless

May Franco

Dear Brother in Jesus Christ,

I am also one of your subscribers. In the morning, when I come to the office, first thing I check my mails and with much interest, I am reading daily your mails. In different circumstances, the word of our Lord helps us to sustain in this world and help us to live Godly life.


In Jesus Name
Your Sister

Leena Ruben Parmar

Dear Bro R DSouza,

... Its really very inspiring and it gives us immense strength and hope to look forward to your email daily.
It gives us wisdom and opens many areas, where we need to change.

Thanks once again Brother!!


Goretti Crasto

I read ur message and have down loaded and printed ur teachings and i am inspired by this ....

thank you ,
urs in christ ,

Clotilda Arambhan.

Ref.: [Saved by Faith] The Lord is with you

Dear Brother,

This Lord's message has really touched me; I know for sure My Lord is with me especially when I am troubled with so many things and don't know what is right.



Just to say I am truly blessed by all your messages that you email to me and so are my freinds. Each day's message comes like a blessing to me just in time that I need it to lift me up.


Keep sending them to me

Allan Mathias
Praise the lord

Dear bro in christ,

Thank you for this explanation. Ths came the right time i needed it. Your mails every day help me understand the Word of God in a better and closer way. I pray that God bless you and your ministry and may you reach many many more our brother and sisters to read the Word of our living God. so that we are ready for the second comming of our Lord Jesus Christ

Thank you once again brother. God bless you and this great work youhave laid your hands on,

Vernica Barretto
I read the scripture and really felt peace within. Thanks

Rodrigues - Tata Motors
This message was sent by one of our Muslim brothers who also is an subscriber to this site. Although he has yet not come to know Jesus, but because of his beautiful heart the Lord has started His work in him. I would like you to read it and also pray for him that the Lord reveals Himself to him and uses him mightily for His Kingdom.

I had committed not to edit his testimony therefore even though my name is spelt wrong I let it be as it is.

Dear Brother Rolwyn,

Assalamalaikum (May the peace and blessings of the Almighty God be on you)

I am a practicing Muslim. Apart from my Quran studies I have also read the Bible in detail and am continuing doing comparative studies of both the books.

First and foremost I would like to inform you that no muslim is a muslim if he or she doesn't believe in JESUS (peace be upon him). The Quran speaks about Jesus' miraculous birth, gives us an account of the pious family he belonged to and his ministry on earth. We muslims keep our faith in him as one of the most loved and powerful Prophet of GOD. Well there is lots to say about Jesus (peace be upon him), according to Islamic perspective. We can talk about it some other time.

Also GOD has spoken about Christians in the Quran and he says to the muslims in Chapter 5 and verse 82 ".... And nearest among them in love To the believers wilt thou Find those who say, "We are Christians", Because amongst these are Men devoted to learning And men who have renounced The world, and they Are not arrogant."

Today I am writing this mail to share something with you. I am a professional Singer, Composer, Musician and have formed a band with a very dear christian friend. I could see that GOD blessed us and we managed to create a great album with his mercy. We will soon be starting our live shows with his permission. All these years I kept on working in studios and didn't get time to work out on my health and I put on lot of extra weight. Now that we need to go on live I decided work on my health but I don't have much time to do that. So I thought that the best way would be to pray to GOD and ask him to help.

One morning I got up and spoke to my mother that I was starting my diet and exercise from that day and am going to the other room to pray before I start the diet. I came to my music room and I prayed inside my heart to Allah to help me and to give me strength to achieve the difficult task as everyone knows that losing weight is not so easy. I prayed and after that I started my work for the day. I start my day in my music room by checking my emails. I had enrolled my self on your website for your daily mails which I read everyday. When I checked my mail I saw this email from you titled "CONTROLLING YOUR DIET". I was touched as it was the a conformation from GOD the Almighty that my prayers were heard. A day prior to that I had received a mail from you titled "MAINTAINING YOUR BODY IS ALSO A PRIORITY". Now this cannot be a co-incidence. It was a clear sign from GOD that he is going to support me.

I started my diet which was just a liquid diet for eight days with my walk for 45 minutes. Not once did I feel uneasy or weak, in fact God had filled me with a unique enthusiasm and energy. My Singing Partner and my best friend is a witness to it and we both were amazed at the results. After the liquid diet I continued with another diet for a weak and in 18 days I lost 8 kg which was AMAZING. For me losing weight this way is unique because I was full of energy, my stamina had gone up, I could walk 7,000 meters non-stop and still feel energized, after that i could do cycling and my stretches. Some people might not agree to it but for me this could not happen without GOD's help. He has strengthened me and has filled me with hope.

I am continuing with my workout and diet and I am sure that I will reach there with GOD's help and support. I would like to thank you for sending such beautiful mails and I am so glad that GOD sent me a confirmation through you to strengthen me. I could easily relate with it because Quran has already told me about Christian Brothers like you who would be nearest to us in faith.

May the Blessings and Mercy of the Almighty GOD be on you and your family through JESUS CHRIST(pbuh).. Amen.


Dear Br,

It's amazing how ur 'anonymous giving' teaching had struck me out of nowhere...

One fine day, due to some incident that I HAD FACED, I was thinking about how should we lend money to someone in such a manner so that our right hand actually doesn't know wht our left hand is doing..I don't think that I had ever thought so deeply about giving or the right way of doing so as I was doing that day...and yeah...bang comes ur mail bringing me , startled and wondering, out my thoughts and I was left mulling over as to who inspired u to say what no one had ever told me before...atleast not as clearly as u did...I was shocked... :)


Thanks Br...Keep mailing me and numerous others who will experience the power of the Holy Spirit hit them in their everyday life through ministering this powerful soul-stirring spiritual milk and , when ready for it in their lives, solid food...

Annie - Mira Road
I thank u for this daily message of faith it helps me a lot I come to office and first read this message n forward it to some of my friends, God bless u and be with u .
Seb Dcunha
-I read your daily news letter and appreciate them because it enhances my faith
William Rebello, Goa India
Thank you, brother, for your emails, as I feel Jesus Himself speaking to me.
Thank you.
Dear Brother in Christ,

I'm a christian too.
I don't know how you got my email id.
But i was really edified reading you email and checking you site.
The Lord who has called us, is faithful and just to preserve us unto the very end, which will be glorious in the Christ Jesus.


Percival Decosta.
Dear Bro

Thanx for wonderful inspiring and faith building

Word of God send by mail

This is truly great

May God Bless you
From yours in Christ

Errol, Mumbai India
I would like to know how you got my address. Do not mind me asking you but just when I need hope I received your message

Thank you for the emails that you have been sending me. However, I would like to know as to how you obtained my email ID. Please let me know who you are?
Please continue sending me these emails.
Thank you and may God bless you.

Christabel Pharao
Dear Brother / Sister,

This mail is definitely for me.

Because a few months back........

But I see in this mail that the Bible teaches just the opposite. There are so many instances when I think I am right, but in God's eyes I'm doing wrong.
How can I change myself ? How can I be generous ?

Savia Ferns
May the Lord bless this group and keep it growing.
Thanks for the message, it came at the right time.

Best regards and Cheer!!!!!!!!

Victoria Kasselie - UNO
If the mails have blessed you in any way please send in your responses, so as to encourage others.
The Word of God was given free to us, therefore we should also share it freely with others.
(All rights are with God)