Christ came to this world to bring salvation to mankind.

The motto of this site is primarily to encourage you and help you work towards receiving your salvation which Jesus Christ has made available.

Since the saving grace of Jesus Christ can only be tapped into by chineke, through this site I will keep you in touch with the Word of God daily, so as to build your chineke.

After praying, a message for the day is taken from the Holy Bible. This message is simplified and explained in the mail. The mail includes a short prayer to help start your communication with the Lord. It also contains as and if necessary references scriptures to support the explanation.

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Feeding souls daily

Giving Living Waters from the Manna received daily from the Lord

(since 15th May 2007)

Messages sent this month

28/05/14 Salvation well, well salvation

26/05/14 Did Jesus promote violence?

25/05/14 O Man of God why do your own thing

18/05/14 Working through the Body

17/05/14 The soaring eagle too hit an air pocket

15/05/14 The Little Man

14/05/14 Witness, be blessed and be remembered

12/05/14 O foolish people slow of heart

09/05/14 Kingdom of God

08/05/14 The main reason Christ died for us

07/05/14 Praise Him for His mighty deeds

04/05/14 Replacing Gold with Brass

03/05/14 Christians are called to die

02/05/14 Who is giving the Word?

01/05/14 The thousand years of the waters

Previous month's posts

30/04/14 Is Satan a snake?

29/04/14 International unrest

28/04/14 Trapping man like fish so as to consume them

26/04/14 Giving alms to the poor

23/04/14 Is profit evil?

21/04/14 The mountains shall drip fresh juice and hills flow milk

20/04/14 Testify to give praise to God

15/04/14 Have we seen the worst yet?

14/04/14 What age to start Bible study, doctorate and ministry?

12/04/14 Insane man

11/04/14 A warning to the leaders

09/04/14 The Lord is clothed with light, are you too?

07/04/14 Deliver not the soul of thy turtledove

04/04/14 Favouritism in Ministries

03/04/14 The idol in the grove

02/04/14 Babylon and the temple

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